Math Common Core Standards

For the last day and a half, I’ve been attending workshops about the new national common core standards for math.  In our state (IN), Kindergarten will be implementing them in the 2011-2012 school year and a grade will be added every year there after for the next few years.

This caused us to have to re-think our math assessment and our report card–anyone else out there having the same things come up?

I am busily going through my teacher math books finding games and activities that go along with each of the CCS that need to be taught.  It looks like we have a huge emphasis on Number Concept and Geometry in Kindergarten.  The books I’m currently searching are:

Developing Number Concepts by Kathy Richardson

Developing Number Concepts with Unifix Cubes by Kathy Richardson

Math Work Stations by Debbie Diller

Teaching Student Centered Mathematics Grades K-2 by John A. Van de Walle


Does anyone else have any other books to suggest or how are you dealing with the transition to the CCS?  Are you switching all subjects or just math?  That’s all we know about at this point…I do have another workshop tomorrow with our Math and Literacy Title 1 staff. :)

Kristen :)

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About Kristen Poindexter

I am a Kindergarten teacher who blogs about my adventures in Kindergarten!

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  1. We are switching L/A and math but not until next year(2012-2013) so we have a little time to adjust -

  2. Hi Kristen,
    Are you doing the “Math Stations” book study with the bloggers?
    There’s a ton of free downloads and great ideas for using stations!

  3. My school district will be starting the Common Core Standards 2012-2013. But, I am already using the standards next year, I had a workshop on Guided Math by Laney Sammons. It has some good information. I still use a math series Explorations for good number concept activities. I also have the series Investigations that has good stuff, also the Think Math series from Houghton Mifflin has good activities for workstations.

  4. There is a blog party on the Debbie Diller book. Start here:

  5. kristenskreations

    Thanks for all the quick replies! 4 comments within 5 minutes of posting! :) Thanks for all of the great resources…I’ve written them all down to check out and quickly checked out the book study stuff that goes along with MWS. Thanks again! :)
    Kristen :)

  6. My school district (in AL) is implementing math in the upcoming school year. Then, we’ll tackle LA during the 2012 – 2013 school year.

    Teaching Number Sense by Chris Confer is a must-have. The lessons are similar to those found in an Investigations-type curriculum. This past year, I think we pretty much faciliated all of the investigations found in it.

  7. Hi Kristen, You are already on the right track with the books you are using by Richardson, Dillar, and Van de Walle. Go to . This is Kathy Richardson’s site and you will find information on how the Common Core Standards align to her work. I’m sure you will see the connection to the work of Jon Van de Walle. I would love to communicate with you and see how things go. We too are implementing the CCS. hope to hear from you.


    • kristenskreations

      Hi Kim!
      Thanks for all the encouragement and information. I’ll be sure to check out Kathy Richardson’s site. I LOVE her books and am quickly becoming fond of Van de Walles’ work as well! I’ll keep you posted!
      Kristen :)

  8. I was surfing the net and found a new blog! Yea!

  9. Hi Kristen,
    In Georgia we began implementing the math standards this year. Like you, we also revised our report card and the scope and sequence for our math curriculum. You are off to a great start with Kathy Richardson’s works. Much of her stuff however is based on Math Their Way with the process taking precedent over the product. You are correct in noting that much empahsis is on numberation. This has required our teachers to re-think the math process and realize manipulative and understanding the concept of amounts is far more important than recording symbols, and numerals. Math work jobs is also an older reference but is and always will remain a valuable tool for practing number concepts. Finally, I have a book call Explorations in Math that is developmental too, and I dusted it off this year and the children loved the activities. Part of my summer goal is to create supplemental math units/ recording pages, etc to fill in gaps that I found frustrating this year as we began using the states format. I will share these as I make them. Good Luck , and again you are definitely on the right track!
    Delia Garrett Ed.D.

    • I am working on alligning our Kdg report card to the common core standards. If you have already done this, would you mind if I looked at it? Do you know of a good Kdg report card our there that has done this already?

      Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi Kristen,

      If you go to, Kathy Richardson’s web site, you will find documents that link her work to the Common Core Math Standards. Everything is already aligned for you. All you need are the Developing Number Concepts Books and you are ready to implement.

      Kim in Alabama

  10. We will be implementing the Reading/Literature part and Math core standards next year. We use StoryTown (Hartcourt) program for reading which aligns with the core standards pretty well with little supplementing. Math, I am more nervous about. Not a whole lot of resources for us right now. Any suggestions?

  11. I am the only K teacher in a rural southern IL school. I would love to correspond & just read your ideas to get support & help to align math (& all subjects) with CC. What should my 1st step be?

    I, too, will need to align the kdg progress report with the standards.
    I will also need to change the math curriculum mapping.

    Thank you for your posts

  12. Good Morning Kristen! Love your blog! Just wanted to see if you could email me a copy of your report cards. We are working on revamping ours as well and any help would be greatly appreciated. I just started Literacy Work Stations this year and will be starting Math Work Stations in the Fall. Thank you in advance for your help!

    • kristenskreations

      I wish I could–our report cards are all electronic and they look different on the computer then they look when they are printed. We are currently changing ours to fit the new LA Common Core Standards and Math Common Core Standards, so it will be taken down shortly anyway. :)

      Kristen :)

  13. Hello! Our school district is starting common core this year. I teach Kindergarten and am in charge of deciding on a report card template for the district. I am having trouble. Does anyone have a Kindergarten template that I could see??? Thanks so much! This is all overwhelming!

  14. NO, but I would LOVE to see other’s. I teach in a rural single kindergarten school, so it will be up to me to get online with the changes on the KDG progress report. I’ll be following this closely! Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes!

    I have heavily relied on this website this year for math ideas! Hope it helps!!

  16. In Saipan, I am currently piloting Language Arts and Math Common Core. I am currently working on my Mid-Progress report, and designing a template for my report card. I like the Go Math books from Harcourt. It covers the common core standard.

  17. We’re implementing this year as well. Just found this site tonight – tons of activities… —I’ve been searching it all evening!

  18. Our kindergarten has just been asked to jump into the CCSS without much warning or training. We are doing the best we can, but are finding it difficult to jump in mid-year. We are trying out the GoMath program – not sure I like it. My students are already expressing their boredom because there is so much repetitiveness with the lessons. We are trying to create varied lessons to cover the same content to keep them interested. It’s difficult to make such a huge change when we were so used to teaching so many other math topics and now we are pretty much limited to numbers! Has anyone had any luck with developing report cards to tie into the CCSS?

    • We have been very very pleased with Kathy Richardson’s books 1 and 2 of her “Developing Number Concepts” series! Not fancy but it’s filled with TONS of hands-on activities to teach counting, patterning, addition, subtraction, etc. Uses manipulatives already found in most kdg rooms. Everything else needed is found in the back of the book. The kids are engaged! Now, I just wish she had another book on measurement.

      • Hi Kristen,

        I believe the CCS only cover non-standard units of measure for K and 1st grades. There are tasks in Richardson’s DNC book 1 for investigating length. If you need weight measurement check out the Mathematics Their Way book. You can find the entire book and Summary Newsletter online at I’m not as familiar with with Kinder CCS as I am the first grade CCS. If you need ideas for hands on measurement I’ll be happy to give you a few ideas.


  19. Is patterning part of kindergarten commom core standards?

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