I completed a binder that I will use this year and took some pictures so that you can see what they look like.  The last pictures are of the back pocket of the binder where I will store extra sheets (in this case, the number writing sheet from 11-20–we won’t be ready for that for a little while).  There is also a picture of the pouch that my Kinder. kids will use to store their Mini-Economy money in.  I got them from the flooring company my brother used to work at.  They were pouches that were attached to the carpet samples telling about the wear and tear of the carpet and the cost.  I originally planned to use the pencil pouches designed for 3 ring binders, but these came along and were free!

Here are the pictures:

P.S. The picture of the pink paper is my original brainstorming sheet for these binders.  A place where I collected my ideas before putting them into the computer and on to paper.


Here are some new binder pages I created for my Kinder. kids this year.  I made a calendar, tooth tally chart, days in school tally page, birthday page, and a weather graph.







Here are some pages that my Kindergarten students will be using in their binders this year.  I will post some now and come back later and add more.









My Kindergarten students will be using binders this year after we complete calendar together as a large group.  I want them to have a more hands-on role in individually recording what they see happening during calendar.  The pages above are some of the pages they will be using–I am still creating a few more.  I put 10 sheet protectors in a 1 inch binder for each of them, as well as a large clear envelope that they will keep their Mini-Economy money in if they choose not to put it in the bank.  You can see more about the time we will use our binders on the “Forms” tab and look for Lesson Plan Grid.

  1. Kristen,

    Can you tell me a little more about the binders. Is this a group activity or do they do them individually? Do you assign a page or do they go through the whole book. I love, love, love your website and feel like a kid in a virtual candy store!

    • kristenskreations

      Hi Robin,
      The binders are completed by the children on a daily basis after we complete calendar activities as a whole group. The binders are used to reinforce the concepts from calendar, but also to teach the children how to do some mild record keeping on their own.

  2. OK, so can you give me a “for instance” on your binders. You have gone through calendar, the kids go back to their seats with their binders and they sit down and do what with them. I am a visual learner and I am having a hard time “visualizing” what they do with, lets say the money page or the color page. Thanks for your time!

    • kristenskreations

      Hi Robin,
      When the children go back to their seats, I have them all open to the “calendar page”. I have a set of the same pages on my visual presenter and so I fill out the page and then the students copy what I do. On the money page, the children circle the money that corresponds to the money we posted during our calendar time…a penny for each day we’ve been in school and then any coins we have traded in the pennies for. Same for the base ten blocks pages. On the color and shape pages, I use Dr. Jean’s color and shape songs and the children point to the letters in the words as we sing them together (with the CD player!). I plan on making a new page for the colors in the future that have the animals in the color song, so the children can see them as well. On the shape page, the children trace the shapes with their finger as the shapes are sung about.

      Eventually, the children can do all of these things independently (about November-ish) and I just remind them to turn the pages and help get the songs started.

      Does this help you!?

      Kristen :)

  3. Kelley Cervantes

    Hi Kristen,
    Thank you for the binder ideas. At first I was a bit confused but I found some other teacher comments so that helps me a bit. I love your ideas. I think I may do something like your binder idea. At my school we do math trays throughout the day and review and share them during math time.
    Have you ever presented at the California Kindergarten conference or The I Teach Kindergarten conference?
    Thanks Again!

    • kristenskreations

      Hi Kelley,
      I haven’t ever presented at those conferences, mostly due to money and because I live in Indiana. I would like to present at the I Teach Kindergarten Conference some year…maybe next year!!

      Kristen :)

  4. Hi Kristen!
    I love your idea for the biders after calendar time! I have a couple of questions. Do students record data on the tooth and birthday pages? Also, how often do you put new pages in your students binders? Do your students take the paper out of the sheet protector each day and then put it back in after they’ve filled them out? Can you tell me about the abc matching sheet that you’ve created? Thanks for sharing! I love your ideas.

    • kristenskreations

      Hi Lindsey,
      The children do all of the recording in their binders. It is very SLOW at the beginning of the year. I introduce one page a day. I only put new pages into the binders at the end of the year to get them ready for the new group. Everything else is done on the outside of the sheet protector. We use dry erase markers and the children do all of their recording with them. The ABC matching sheets go in the binders and then the children can draw lines from the upper to lower case letters (if I’m thinking of the correct pages!! :) ). I hope that answers your questions, if not e-mail me at and I can give you more info. I’ll be posting the new binder sheets soon that I’ve made some changes to! ;)

      Kristen :)

  5. Kristen,
    I see that you use a name page but I don’t see this under the pictures? What exactly do you do with names? Thanks!


    • kristenskreations

      Hi Anne,
      I do have a name page for each child where I have printed their first and last name several times. I then put these in sheet protectors and the children use dry erase markers and practice tracing their names. Later on in the year, I might only have their name modeled once and then they write in on the successive lines.

      Kristen :)

  6. Kristen,
    I love your ideas with the binders. Would it be possible to make your pages in pdf form as well. I couldn’t download what you had.

    Did you purchase all the binders, sheet protectors and dry erase markers yourself or did you ask the parents to donate?

    • kristenskreations

      I purchased the binders and sheet protectors through my classroom funds (our warehouse) and the dry erase markers are on each child’s school supply list.

      Kristen :)

  7. I’m sorry, Kristen!

    I just noticed your pdf tab at the top. I hope all your forms are included. THANKS! Again, love your blog!

  8. Kristen, I am so excited to try the “binder” idea this year! I used some of your ideas as well as added some pages of my own such as “word family” page! I introduced the idea to the other kindergarten teacher yesterday and she loved it just as much as I did! We spent last night putting the pages in the plastic sleeves! Im so excited to try this out! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity and experience!

  9. Kristen – I just “found you” and I am thoroughly enthralled! Thanks so very much! I was looking for help and boy – did I ever find it! :)

  10. How do you go about cleaning the protector sheets that students have to write on repeatedly? For instance, the name page?

    • Kristen Poindexter

      I have each of the children bring a pair of old socks to school and we use those as erasers during the year. They all brought white socks, so now all I have to do is bleach them white and we can use them again next year! :)

  11. Kristen – I LOVE the idea about using protector sheets! I did calendar binders this year, but it was such a pain to add sheets :s . Some sheets that I included were a Today is _______. Students would write down the day of the week after I had written it on the board. I also had a short date page, students would write the date after we wrote it as a class! I do have one question – how do the page protectors hold up over the year? Do they erase well? Thanks again!

  12. Dear Kristen, A fellow coworker found your site during the year. However we were already so swamped we did not jump into any of it. But I am here to say that I am very excited about starting these in the new school I will be teaching at this year. (Kinder). You have great ideas and I am very thankful I found your site. Tracy

    • Kristen Poindexter

      Hi Tracy,
      So glad you are getting some good ideas! Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see or know about!

      Kristen :)

  13. Dear Kristin
    I am SO happy to have stumbled upon this page and that it is actually up to date. I am going to try the binder idea this year. It sounds like such a great way to keep kids busy and working. You always have those little ones who finish quicker than anyone else and say “I’m done. Now what do I do?” Now I can say “Go pul out your binder and get to work.” I will be visiting your site quite a bit. Keep the ideas coming please. I am new to kinder and need all the help I can get.

  14. Kristin, I like the looks of your binders. We tried using binders this year and I wasn’t thrilled with ours, so I may try yours this year. Here’s my question. Our kids sat with their binders as the helper of the day completed the pages on the Smartboard. That gave the children an activity while the Smartboard process was going on. So the Smartboard helper would do the money page on the Smartboard and the children would to it as well. It sounds as though you do the entire Smartboard routine first and then your students go back to their seats and do it all again by themselves. I question the amount of time that would take. My Smartboard routine already takes 30 minutes and this seems as though it would be like doing the activity twice. Or am I missing something?

    • Hi Lynne,
      Since I’ve gotten my whiteboard, the kids no longer do binders with me because the calendar activities on the whiteboard are so interactive. We also have a more set schedule we have to follow that does not allow me to have practice time with the binders anymore. When we did do them, we would go through calendar quickly and then more onto our binders that had similar work, but laid out in a different way. I was looking to see if my children could transfer their calendar knowledge into their binders. :)

      Kristen :)

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